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There are 2 types of people who get shares and leads: the well-connected and the fearless.

Since you’re reading this site, I will assume you’re the second type.

Well, today I have something in store that’s right for you.

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A behemoth of an eBook on outreach marketing – 150 pages, 17,000 words of my best advice, tactics and tips. And on top of that 4 bonuses.


But before you go to let me put something straight – Do not download this eBook if you’re not ready to hustle.

I usually ask only for an email but this time my ask is bigger: I ask you to tweet and get 1 of your friends to sign-up for the eBook. And the reality is that a lot of you won’t do it. A lot of you will never get to read this eBook. Why? Because most people default to the strategy of endless scrolling through emails, and Facebook. They collect eBooks on their hard drive so they can “read them one day”. Because commitment is hell of a b*tch, that’s why.

Well I ask you to commit this time and get 1 of your friends to sign-up for this eBook in order to receive the guide. And if you can’t get 1 friend to download a FREE valuable eBook, then maybe outreach marketing is not your thing.

I really hustled to put this project together. I wrote 150 pages in 2 weeks working 20 hours a day. I’ve connected with some of the top influencers on outreach marketing out there, and I’ve put a list of top 100 media websites + contacts so you can start your outreach today. I want you to do the same – reach out and hustle.

Don’t be that guy that endlessly scrolls through his Facebook wall and skips doing everything that slightly challenges him.
Get work done! Reach out, connect, profit.

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7 Not-so-typical Ways To Make Your First eCommerce Sales

What to do the day after the launch of your online store?

Here’s a thing. People constantly ask me this:

Launched a store, but no one is buying, what should I do?

eCommerce is a cracking choice for people starting out their own business for the first time. The process to open a new eStore is pretty much standardized. And the risk involved is usually smaller than launching an innovative tech startup or other high-risk venture.

I know this post is hella long, so download this free eBook for later:

Get your first eCommerce sales with these 7 tactics

This book is our free gift to you. It contains:

  • All the info from this post
  • The excel marketing template file that will help you to get there

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Q&A 1: Freelancing, action analytics, eCommerce conversions & others

If you are a part of the WooGuru’s newsletter, you already know that I love sharing advice and ideas. I ask every subscriber “What’s one thing your business is struggling with at the moment?”
I get a lot of questions, and I reply to every single one of them, providing my best suggestions and concrete, actionable tips.

I thought it would be a good idea to share my correspondence with fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

Feel free to reply to this post with the #1 biggest problem you are currently facing in your work/business. I’d be happy to help.

The Supreme Guide To Long-Form Content Posts

How To Write Long Articles That Get Traffic Like Crazy

The web has become a planet of publishers.

Content-centric marketing has helped hundreds of thousands of startups and small businesses create real customer value and increase revenues.

long-form content book
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3 Mistakes You Make As a Designer-Founder

How to fix these mistakes and become the mind-blowing co-founder that every developer, marketer, and salesman wants to work with

The engineer and the salesman. The Steve Jobs and the Steve Wozniak of every startup. The fantastic duo of every company. It’s no doubt every new venture needs a person to create a product and another person to sell the product.

But what about the designer?

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