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eCommerce Copywriting

Let the words do the talking for your products

You pour your heart and soul into building your online eCommerce store, and you want your products to shine! But if your website copy is full of mistakes, typos, and boring descriptions, you might not shine very brightly.

What you say and how you say it is crucial to getting your message across to customers and potential customers.

Even if you know your products inside and out, you will benefit from a review of your product descriptions, introduction to your landing page, and other content you’ve placed on your site. It never hurts to have a second set of eyes on something you’ve written…especially if your products aren’t selling. Great products with great product descriptions sell.

Remember when eBay hit the scene, and people were holding massive seminars about how to describe products for sale? It was that important then, and it’s that important now. WooGuru can review your site and help you focus your content to increase sales. A business that isn’t selling is just a hobby, after all.

Proofread Your Product Copy

There are a number of ways you can try to proofread your copy, but the truth is you can’t. People don’t see their own mistakes. You read it and read it again, and you can still miss some errors in your own writing.

Hand off your website to WooGuru and let us have a look. Proofreading, editing and changing up your products copy is a good way to ensure you don’t drive customers away. When a customer lands at your site, they’ll judge – either quietly, or not so quietly – about the mistakes on your site.

It always translates the same way: if you can’t take the time to fix errors on your own product offering, how can the customer trust you to offer them quality service? It’s the same old story.

There are a number of great apps available to website owners that can help make proofreading easier. Grammarly just hit the market and is making waves with its innovative technology that reads your work as you write it and helps you correct mistakes as you go.

ecommerce copywriting grammarly

Grammarly proof-read add-on.

WooGuru can proofread a product page for you using Grammarly. Grammarly costs $30 a month, but we will check your product copy for free as a part of our subscription plans.

How WooGuru Can Ensure an Error Free Shopping Environment for You and Your Customers

If you aren’t sure if your site needs a once over, do it anyway. Give yourself the peace of mind to know that your site is error free. There is nothing more embarrassing. Trust us.

WooGuru will review your site from top to bottom to ensure your copy is accurate. And we’ll look at your product descriptions to ensure they are portraying your offerings in the best possible light. Sometimes changing a word is all that is necessary to change a customer’s mind.

For example:

Did you know that products will sell much better if you focus your eCommerce content on the benefits of your products rather than their features? Features tell, but benefits sell.

benefit vs features ecommerce copywriting
(image source HelpScout)

Little things like that are what eCommerce copywriting is all about!

Look at this example:

This 9-inch brown table lamp adds light to your room.

Sure, this description tells you what the item is, what the color is and that it can enhance your room.

But wouldn’t you rather buy this lamp:

This mocha inspired table lamp, with its woven texture and soft caramel-colored shade, adds flare to any room in your home by casting a warm glow.

It’s the same lamp: we’re just describing it to you in a different way. WooGuru can help you make small changes like this that can have a big impact on your sales!

Simplify Your Product Copy

There was a time when more was more. That time has passed. Less is more these days.

Customers want to get in and get out. They want to be able to see the products, read descriptions that point out the need for your products, and they want the shopping experience to be simple and easy.

Now how do you convey all of that in words? How do you find that balance of description and simplicity?

Your store is personal to you and represents a great achievement in your life. You’ll be inclined to talk and talk and talk to your customers. But don’t – resist the urge.

Tell them what they need to know: who you are, what you offer, what your prices are, how they can reach you, and give them the route of least resistance to buying your products.

There’s a nasty rumor floating around in the web world that customers don’t read anything anymore… it’s mostly true. Let us help you find the balance between rant and rave!

How WooGuru Can Make Your Site Concise and Succinct

Well, there’s a fancy word: succinct. It means “to the point.” It’s hard to get to the point, sometimes. We could just keep talking about getting to the point here, or we could get to the point. See how easy it is to ramble on your website?

Tips on eCommerce Copywriting

Don’t ramble.

Here’s a few of ways you can clean up your landing page and product copy to make them more efficient:

  1. Clearly state what your store offers.
  2. Provide a clear path to your products.
  3. Tell your story in 50 words or less. If you can wrap up your end-game in 50 words or less, you can keep your customer reading. This little paragraph is 50 words. It’s not a lot of room to get a message across, but we can help you do that!
  4. Leave out the filler words.
  5. Use bullet points instead of full paragraphs if you are guilty of rambling. It will help you to reign in your writing style.
  6. Use an app or plugin to help make your writing more clear and to the point. The Hemmingway app identifies your writing weaknesses and points out run-on sentences, fragments, and hard to understand sentences. We’ll help you install it, and we can maintain it for you as well.
  7. Don’t make changes to your website late at night. When you are tired, you make more mistakes. Commit to making changes to your site during daylight hours when you are more alert and focused.

Want more ideas on how to keep your website from overwhelming your customers? WooGuru will work with you to ensure your site is at peak performance and driving sales for you.

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