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Need a Growth Roadmap for Your WooCommerce Store?

Your Next Customer is Right Around the Corner!

You never know who is going to find their way to your store, or when. You probably already know that the more opportunities you give your potential customer to buy something, the more likely they are to become an actual customer.

There are lots of ways to get your customers and potential customers to interact and engage with your online store. We want to show you how to do it!

WooGuru understands how customers engage with eCommerce sites, and we can help you become better acquainted with ways to improve your conversion rates to grow your customer base and increase your sales.

You made the list, packed your bags, filled the cooler with drinks, and packed your lunch. You’ve researched the famous tourist sites, made plans for exciting adventures, and you’ve got money in your pocket: you are ready to hit the road! You’re cruising along, listening to your favorite road trip music when you come to a fork in the road…which way?

Didn’t you look at the map before you left the house? Didn’t you input the final destination into your GPS? You don’t know which way to go? Pull over and look at the map…

Now imagine this road trip is your WooCommerce store:

Imagine how much work you put in to sourcing your products, writing descriptions, pricing your goods, ordering business cards, and setting up your website. Imagine doing all of that work only to find out that your newsletter sign-up bar isn’t getting the attention it needs, or that your blog isn’t being read on the regular. How could you have known that the bottom left-corner of your website wasn’t the place for your newsletter sign-up?

Enter A/B testing. A/B testing is to the e-commerce store what GPS is to the road trip. You know your product, but do you really know how your customers want to interact with that product? Don’t leave it to chance. In other words, don’t set out on the trip of a lifetime without knowing where you are going!

Here’s how WooGuru can help you make decisions for your WooCommerce store:

We can suggest a suitable A/B testing app for your store like Optimizely for example, help you install it, and deal with any flat tires you get on your journey.

woocommerce sales a/b test

A/B testing will help you decide which direction to take your store: which layouts do customers like? Which colors are most appealing? Did you know that many e-commerce store owners often choose their favorite color or their favorite themes – that’s great if you like your theme and colors, but your customers have to like it as well, and they have to want to interact with your site. Their interactions need to translate in to sales for you, so the more you know, the better off you’ll be.

Think of WooGuru as your co-driver. We can check the oil, clean the windshield, pump the gas, and point out the road signs while you are focusing on driving your business in the direction it needs to go. WooGuru gives you the confidence you need to keep your hands at 10 and 2 on the business wheel.

Ready to incorporate A/B testing into your WooCommerce online store?

Already have an A/B testing app installed on your WooCommerce site? Reach out to WooGuru if you have any questions about A/B testing or just need some directions! We’re great at that!

The value of A/B testing is that even after the trip is over, you can look back at the traffic and determine where to go next! The valuable information you gather can help you take what you’ve learned, change direction, and keep on selling!

We can Put Opt-in Popups on Your Store to help you drive more sales

When was the last time you visited a website, of any kind, that didn’t have a popup?

A popup is a feature you can add to your store to prompt customers to take an action of some kind.

woocommerce sales pop-up

Maybe you want to promote a new product, or maybe you want to offer a limited time sale. Popups are great for this kind of thing.

Popups are also a great tool for collecting customer information. Most of the pop-ups you’ll come across ask for an email address, at the very least. This allows the store owner to collect information and build a database of potential customers. You can use customer information to send out promotional emails, updates about your store, links to your latest blog post and more!

The reality is people hate pop-ups, but they work!

For example:

Nikki from Nikki, In Stitches, increased email subscriptions with 1,375% by integrating a pop-up (case study).

What WooGuru Can do With Popups

Your popup should match your brand and reflect the style of your website. WordPress and WooCommerce offer a large selection of pop up plugins to enhance the customer experience and help you grow your store like OptinMonster, Thrive, and SumoMe.

If you currently have to change your pop-ups on your own, you’d have to understand the UI of the pop-up generator, and most likely you’ll have to use some HTML and CSS code to make amends to the popup.

If you’d rather spend your time on something else instead, we can help you change your existing popup or add a new one.

That way you can collect a lot of valuable data that can be used to increase sales now or later.

Customers will either choose to engage in the popup or not, but give them a reason to hand over their email address: a coupon, a sale, access to a new product. Let’s talk about how you can use popups to take your business to the next level.

Integrate Newsletter Subscriptions

A call to action is probably one of the most important aspects of an online store. You want to see how your traffic is interacting with your site and your products. If you are just presenting your goods and not providing any additional value to the customer, you may be losing out on potential sales.

While everyone’s inboxes are riddled with newsletter subscriptions, and the last thing you think customers want is one more newsletter landing on their doorstep, do it anyway.

Engaging with your customers on this level, outside of the online store environment, reminds them that you are there. They might not open every newsletter – and we can show you how to track this interaction! – but they’ll remember you are thereby providing additional value to your customers.

The opportunity to convert them into a paying customer is present with every newsletter and increases the more value you provide.

And don’t forget:

You have to give them great content!

Times have changed: it’s hard to put amazing content on the internet. Everyone is doing everything. What is your niche area? What do you know that you could share with others? Don’t just give advice: give them something they can use and act on.

How WooGuru Can Turn a Newsletter into an Extension of Your Store

woocommerce sales aweber

Never let a potential customer leave empty handed! Let WooGuru help you add a newsletter sign up box using Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse or some other email marketing software.

You can give your customers a freebie when they leave your store. Not everyone will buy a product on the first visit. Keep reminding them they need to come back and visit you!

There are several options for adding a newsletter sign up bar to your website, and you need to think about where to place it for maximum exposure and best conversion rates.

We’ll show you how to set it up, get it running, and we can offer you advice on how often to publish your newsletters and more!

Provide Advice on Marketing and Sales

At WooGuru, we do so much more than just help you install technical fixtures onto your storefront website. We are in the business of helping you succeed across all avenues of your operation!

Our team of experts can answer your burning questions about marketing and sales, and we can point you in the right direction for your products and services.

WooGuru is built on a foundation of helping others succeed. Your success is our success!

We can help you devise a content marketing strategy: something you’ll need if you plan to promote your store through blog posts or social media. We’ll walk you through the steps of developing a kick ass plan and help you implement it through newsletters and other marketing collateral like social media, and even offline.

Got a question about sales? We know sales too. Pricing? Stocking? Ordering? We’ve got you covered. If you don’t know, we’ll find someone who does.

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