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Minimize images size using Smush.it, ImageOptim or another tool.

Optimize caching

Every time a customer visits your store, your web site's file load as well. We can use a caching system to reduce page load time.

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Why WooCommerce speed is so important?

A few tricks that can help you speed up your WooCommerce website.

Why it's so important to make your WooCommerce website load faster?

Your visitors will be able to surf through your store faster, see more of your products and place their order quicker. This is the main point after all, right?

Speeding up your online store will benefit both your current clients and new visitors. Improving the store conversions (meaning that more of the visitors will make a purchase) also contributes to having better Google rankings.

Why faster websites rank high on Google?

Simply put Google considers that the faster the website, the better its services.

Google has over 200 factors that uses to rank your WooCommerce store on its search engine results pages. Speed is one of them.

Back in 2010 Google announced site load speed would have an impact on search engine rankings. That's why it's crucial to optimize your WooCommerce store's speed.

So how can you speed up your WooCommerce website?

Get a team of web specialists or a company that will advise you what actions to take to speed up your store. Alternatively you can benefit from online tools, such as:

  • Google Speed Test
  • YSLow
  • Webpagetest

Put in a nutshell, caching speeds up your WooCommerce because it improves its loading speed.

Whenever someone opens your website or a certain page, that page is being processed by a computer. That takes some time after all.

Whenever this happens again, the computer processes that page again. However, if the page is static this whole thing turns to be pointless.

This is where the role of caching kicks in.

If you want to accumulate 4+4, the result would be 8. If someone else wishes to do the same thing, they will send you the answer without getting the calculator to do it. Easy, right? Caching works in the same way.

Caching is everywhere in all modern computers. Be it your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Otherwise, each of them would work much slower.

And that's why you should consider caching your site.

What can be cached?

Everything, more or less.

Types of cache:

  • Browser cache
  • Opcode cache
  • Object cache
  • Database cache
  • Database engine cache (query cache, buffer pool)
  • Page Cache
  • Generated HTML cache
  • And many others

Where is your hosting located?

If your website offers products or services to people from France, it will make sense to either purchase a hosting from that country or the Western region of Europe.

If you, however, buy an American or Asian hosting service, the physical distance stretches, which means that there will be a small 1-minute delay until the information is transmitted.

Also, it's quite important to have your hosting settings done. Turn to your maintenance support services to switch on the cache, compressions, etc., to make your site load faster.

Cloud services for multilingual websites

Imagine having launched an online store in Sweden which has flourished so much that it has reached other foreign markets.

In that case you have 2 options:

  • Develop an independent website for each of these countries, which sure is pricey. Moreover, it's quite hard to control the process afterward.
  • Create a multilingual online store. Whenever a client from another country opens it, the local version of the site will show up. However, they can also pick the language they prefer to view the site in.

With Cloud Hosting, you can make the site load from the nearest local server, instead of loading it from Sweden.

You have to invest some money into Cloud Hosting, of course, but it would surely cut down on your costs in the long run.

Install plugins that improve speed

There is a wide variety of plug-ins for Wordpress that aim to boost your store's speed. WP-Optimize, Digg Digg, and W3 Total Cache just to name a few.


Switch off what you don't use.

Many of you install calendars, online chats, video upload systems or other plugins, however, do you actually use all of them?

If not, then turn them off without hesitating. Be sure that you benefit from a plugin if you use one!

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