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Change header

Change your logo position or size. Remove or insert a link. Put the search in the header.

Style a plugin

Style a plugin to fit your brand. Through the admin or the CSS code.

Modify layout

Minor changes to the layout. Reposition a sidebar, change footer, etc.

Change colors and fonts

Change colors and web fonts of different elements across your online store: buttons, links, images, panels.

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Our support team comes to the rescue!

Probably The Most exciting Part of Building Your eCommerce Store – Deciding How It’s Going to Look.

There are a million things to think about when you are preparing to launch yourself and your business into the world. If you’ve already launched your e-commerce site, you’ll need to maintain it and even change it, or update it from time to time.

The devil is in the details here and boy, are there a lot of details to consider when building an online store! WooGuru is going to help you get your storefront looking like a million bucks.

  • Where do you put your title?
  • Where does the search bar go?
  • How do you organize your menu tabs?
  • What about the colors?

Choosing the color sounds like the easy part… but there’s so much that goes into making your site perfect. Check out the ways we can help you knock ‘em dead with your killer site.

Ready to Change Your WooCommerce Theme?

The header is the first thing your customers will see. Studies show that the top left corner of your website gets the most attention.

woocommerce theme support website attention

How do you want your customers to interact with the header? Do you want a call to action or do you want to display your phone number? Maybe you should consider including your unique selling points in the header like free delivery, 7-day return policy and such.

What about your splash banner area?

Are you having a sale this week? Maybe you need to update your homepage to reflect that. If we sound excited, it’s because we are. This is the fun part of being in business: designing your brand and look.

So you want to change the header, add a search bar and include a pop-up for a coupon for this weekend’s sale. Our WooCommerce theme support got you covered.

How WooGuru Can Easily Change Your Theme?

We can go in and update your header for you using the graphics you want, or we can make some recommendations for you based on your products and customer needs.

Search bars are easy for us, but if you want to try it on your own, we can help you through the process.

A pop-up is a great way to get the attention of your customers for a flash sale or a short-term promotion. You’ve seen them on tons of sites before, and they work! Give your customer something they can’t refuse: 10%, 15% or 25% off? Sounds like a good deal to us.

WooGuru can help you source a plugin for your pop-up and help you install it too. Whether you want to use something more simple like SumoMe or prefer more flexibility and want to go with Thrive Leads or Optin Monster, we can edit the design of your pop-ups no matter what pop-up plugin you choose to use.

woocommerce theme support plugin design changes

We make it so simple to customize and run your online store, and you’ll love the peace of mind of knowing you can turn to us for anything related to your site!

Let’s Style Your plugin so It Suits Your Brand

Your brand is what separates you from your competition. We want to help you stand out! In the land of WordPress and WooCommerce, we know you’ve got millions of options for adding a little flare to your storefront. It can be overwhelming, but we’ll walk you through it.

WooGuru can customize plugins for you so that your store sends the same, consistent message throughout the whole user experience. Most of the plugins come out with a factory looking default design, so it doesn’t make sense to keep them that way.

Don’t like what you see on your website? You can change it! Backgrounds, fonts, colors, sizes, layouts, pop-ups and more. There can be any number of options within one style feature, as well. Fonts, for example, need definitions for font face, font type, font size, and font color. So many decisions to make your online store your own, but you don’t have to make them alone.

How Can We Help You Style a Plugin?

We’ll help you navigate your CSS code to make any style changes you want, or we can help you through the admin dashboard on your site. The choice is yours. CSS sounds scarier than it is, but don’t spend your valuable time trying to learn to code: we know how to code already.

Theme Layout Modifications

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the most important aspect of any eCommerce store – because everything is so important – your layout ranks among one of the most important aspects of your business brand and image.

You need your site to be easy to navigate, encourage purchases, call customers to action, and position your best selling products where they can be easily seen and purchased. You don’t want people to have to go looking for your products, right?

The layout of your storefront is a critical factor in the success of your store. If your site is riddled with tons of links and menu options, customers can get lost. The trends are moving toward clean lines, easy to read a text, and a fun and bold landing page. Let us take you to the next level with our incredible support services.

How WooGuru Can Get in There and Help You Modify Your Layout

WooGuru can help you choose a better layout, or suggest a layout for your new eCommerce store. We’ll make sure you stand out, and get the look you want! If you run into a problem or want to change the look of your layout later, just drop us a line, and we’ll come to the rescue!

Consider your layout to be fluid – be open to change and be ready for a change. The internet is a living, breathing thing and you need to be ready to keep up with the demand. WooGuru will get you where you want to be, and we’ll be there when you need us.

Is there something wrong with your layout? Are your changes not being saved? That happens sometimes. Online platforms aren’t perfect, and they need little help sometimes to keep things running smoothly. Our WooCommerce theme support will step in and help you kick that problem to the curb!

Maybe you’re theme is based on a grid framework like Bootstrap or Zurb’s Foundation?

woocommerce theme support layout grids

We’re already familiar with them. Don’t waste much time deciphering how to position your sidebar on the left instead of right. Let us switch it for you or help you understand the grid system so you can make future amends on your own.

Color & Font Changes

When considering which font to use for your website, you need to take into consideration all of the text based information that appears. It goes beyond the body of your website. Did you know that you can change the title, the headline, the sub-headlines, the button text, the menu text, the sidebar lists, the blog texts, the links, the clicked-on links, the captions for images…the list goes on and on.

You need to think about how your brand and store are impacted by each of these choices. If you are using a template, they will be laid out for you, but if you are looking for customization, you’ll need to think about these choices on your own – we don’t ever want to you feel alone though, so reach out to WooGuru and we’ll devise a plan that’s right for your site.

A lot goes into creating the right font combination. Whether you’d like to go for serif or sans-serif or you want to combine boldly both, we’d be able to share our design expertise with you.

We always suggest sticking with professional and legible fonts from web libraries like Typekit.

woocommerce theme support typekit

The customization options seem endless. But what if your fonts are sticking? What if you can’t get the text to change? That feels like a show stopper. And we know how tricky it is to change some elements of your theme. We’ve been there, too, as eCommerce owners.

We’ll Get Our Hands Dirty for You

Don’t let issues with your colors or font choices slow you down. WooGuru can jump in and help you fix a problem with your color choices, font choices or any other issue you are having with your e-commerce website. Don’t waste time trying to figure out what is wrong: let us do it for you.

Many online store owners spend so much time attempting to fix issues with their sites or try to make so many changes to their storefronts that it slows them down or stops progress altogether. WooGuru theme support makes you look like a rock star in the online world by helping you behind the scenes and ensuring your site runs smoothly.

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